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Bishop Diocese Of Jabalpur














1970 - 2020


Any journey takes lots of time and does not often guarantee 100 % success. But when we look at the Diocese of Jabalpur we will find that this Diocese is a Diocese with a difference which has grown in leaps and bounds and which has progressed day by day. Though there were times when this Diocese had a tough time when a part   of   the  Diocese  was  bifurcated  from  Chhattisgarh and our Diocese got limited in area, yet with the blessings of the Lord Almighty and the support and love of the people along with the able and visionary Bishop Most Rev Dr P. C. Singh our  Diocese  has been able to grow and flourish as one of the most vibrant and outstanding Diocese of the Church of North India. The success story of the Diocese of   Jabalpur  is   not  hidden  from  any  one.   As  we  celebrate 50 years of the existence  of the Diocese of Jabalpur let us go down  the memory lane to recall the last fifty years of the Diocese.  

Prior to the inauguration of the Church of North India a Diocesan Consultative Committee was appointed by the Inaugural Committee of the Church of North India on Saturday the 6th September 1970. The task of the Diocesan Consultative Committee was to carve out a new diocese. In its first historical meeting held on 24th September 1970 the Committee  worked out as too how to unite the four church bodies  namely  the  Chhattisgarh  and Orissa Church Council of the United Church of Northern India,  the  Nagpur  Diocesan Council of the Church of India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon, Nagpur Church Council (Seoni Section) of the United Church of  Northern  India  and  the  Convention  of  Churches  of the Disciples of Christ existing in the area as proposed to become the Diocese of Jabalpur of the Church of North India. After the inauguration of CNI on 29th November 1970 at Nagpur the  task  to  constitute  the  new  diocese  of  Jabalpur  was intensified and the Consultative Committee met several times under the able leadership of Bishop  S. K. Patro, who  was  installed the first Bishop of Jabalpur Diocese in an impressive  service  held  in the  Christ Church Cathedral,  Jabalpur  on  Sunday December 13, 1970.  On  the  same  day  40  ordained  ministers  representing  four   different traditions  were  unified  into  one ministry of the one united church. Thus a new Diocese was born and constituted.

 Since  the first Diocesan Council was held on the 15th & 16th Feb. 1971 at the Leonard  Theological College, Jabalpur. The story of this Diocese is of continuous growth and progress in unity. In the early years four Diocesan Council Meetings were held consecutively in 1971, 1972, 1973 and 1974 which helped to know and understand one another as members of one, house-hold of God. After Bishop Patro was transferred to Chhota Nagpur in April 1975 this Diocese had the privilege to avail of the leadership of Bishop R. S. Bhandare as an Episcopal commissary from April-1975. From 16th September 1976 the Diocese had a new Bishop the Second Bishop Rt Rev F. C Jonathan. Under his leadership, Clergy and Laity come together for many  meetings and conferences and  participated in various Diocesan programmes for the upliftment of Diocese. This brought members of different traditions come together and to appreciate one another's good points which has fostered unity in the Diocese.  Under the leadership of Rt Rev Bishop F. C Jonathan the Diocese of Jabalpur was engaged in various socio-economic Development project at grass root level .As a Chairman of CASA lots of work was done in Mandla, Patpara, Deori, Ratanpur and Murpha rural Churches.

In the year 1995 we had the privilege of having our third Bishop of the Diocese of Jabalpur Rt Rev Sunil Cak. Under his leadership the ministries and institution grew and many programmes were organized. He was instrumental in bringing the JDBSS to Jabalpur , a social organization who worked for the upliftment of the down trodden people of the Padri Patpara region. He also was instrumental in building the new wing of Christ Church Boys’ Primary Section and the Nursery wing of Christ Church Girls School, Jabalpur.

In the year 2004 Rt Rev Dr P.C. Singh took charge as the fourth Bishop of Jabalpur Diocese. Soon after he took charge the growth rate of the Diocese started to increase steadily. The churches began to grow financially and spiritually, the youth fellowship became vibrant, the women fellowship began to have several activities and the Sunday School ministry also started to organize several programmes. In all we can say a new zeal and enthusiasm started to be seen in the Diocese of Jabalpur.  

Initially our Diocese had more than 40 churches and we had a bigger area of ministry but after the bifurcation of Chhattisgarh we were left only with 19 churches and one congregation. The Bishop Most Rev P.C. Singh took it as a challenge to expand and develop the churches which will result in the extension of the Kingdom of God.

At present the following churches/congregation along with their Presbyter/Deacon/Diocesan worker are working under the able leadership of our Moderator Bishop  in the  diocese of Jabalpur. They are as below

 1. CNI Church Marpha and Parstola                           Rev. Ashish Harry
 2.  St Paul's Church Ghamapur Jabalpur                   Rev. S. Nilesh Singh
 3.  Disciples Church of Christ                                      
Rev. James Masih
 4.  CNI Church Ghana Khamaria                                  Rev P K David

 5.  St Thomas Church Kymore                                     
Pastor Pravin Samuel
 6.  Ss Philip and James Church                                    Rev. Navdeep Lal  as Asst. Presbyter

      Roshan Nagar Congregation                                  Rev. Navdeep Lal
 7. CNI Church Seoni Kachahari Chowk                    Rev. Vimal Kujur

 8. Ss Philip and James Church                                    Rev Thomas Kujur

 9. St Paul's Church  Gokalpur Jabalpur                    Rev. Rahul Rohan Kumar

10. St Paul's Church Jabalpur                                       Rev. Daniel Nath as Asst. Presbyter

11. St Stephen Church Amarpatan                             Rev. Dayal Singh Parihar

12.St Johns Church in wilderness                               Rev Lalit Soloman

13.  St Mary Church Satna                                               Rev. Dn. Kirti Nath

14.  Christ Church Panchmarhi                                     Rev. Rakesh Parvey

15. CNI Church Manadehi Maharajpur                      Rev.Jai Prakash Kotti

16. Christ Church Cathedral JBP                                   Rev. Subh Venkatram  Gadi  as Asst. Presbyter

17.  St Mark Church Nainpur                                         Rev. Robin Masih
18.  St Luke Church Mandla                                           Rev. Sanjeet Parvey

19. Disciples Church of Christ                                       Rev. Karishma Martin (Asst)
20. Christ Church Cathedral JBP                                  Rev. Bruce Thangadurai

21. CNI Church seoni  Petrol Pump                             Rev. S.K.James

22.St Marks Church Chhindwara                                 Rev.  Ashwini Massey

23. Anant Jeewan Church Seoni.                                 Rev. Anil Ramaswami

24. Ss Philip and James church                                    Rev. Vijay David as Hon Presbyter

25.   Diocese of Jabalpur                                               Rev. Mrs. Preeti Dhanyabad as  Presbyter with limited authorization

Diocesan worker:

1.  Mr Soloman Titus
2.  Mr Neeraj Victor

New Mission Fields

Jesus gave the great commission that go and preach the word of God and make disciple and baptize them. The St. Stephen Church Amarpatan is started new mission field at REWA city and 20 believers are accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour and they were baptized by Rev Dayal Singh Parihar. The Youth member Mr. Raju the Member of the Amarpatan Parish is working in this new mission field with Rev Dayal Singh Parihar.

On 13 February 2016 in the Pastors prayer meeting at Manpur Bandhavgarh with the group of believers, our visionary Moderator Bishop recognized this group of believers as Manpur Congregation now known as Christ Church Manpur under the control of St. Paul's Church Ghamapur Diocese of Jabalpur. Soon we are going to buy a piece of land to build a church building for the glory of our Almighty. Manpur congregation is also working in new mission village like Simra, Semri, Barbaspur and Baigaon and Mr. Rajneesh Paul Daniel is nurturing them with word of God.

A new Church has been started for the people of Roshan Nagar. Due to its longer distance  people found it difficult to attend the Sunday Worship service regularly in S.S. Philips and James Church, Katni. Rev Navdeep Lal is taking care of the Church and this church is also growing day by day.

A new group of believers in Seoni were identified and under the guidance and care of Rev. Anil Ramaswamy .This new church has been established . As  believers church in which we are witnessing lot of healing through  Rev Anil Ramaswamy.

Under the leadership of Rev. Jai Prakash Koti, a group of 35 new followers in Christ has been gathered and regular worship is taking place in Manadehi, Maharajpur, Mandla . Very soon we are also planning to come up with a church in that area .

We are very happy to inform that with the contribution of the pastors of the diocese and other donors we were able to complete the construction work in Amarpatan Church .The Building is ready and the Church is ready to be dedicated to the Glory of God. Some Senior Pastors went on the 8th of April 2019 to Amarpatan Church and prayed & blessed the Church so that the Congregation can start worshipping in the Church. The Dedication Service will be conducted in the days to come.

 After the bifurcation of the Chhattisgarh Diocese we are in the process of identifying new places and new areas where we can start new churches and as this was one of the challenges given to all the Pastors of our Diocese. The Pastors are wholeheartedly committed to work for this new challenge.

The Board of Education Church of North India Jabalpur Diocese functioning under the able leadership of the Bishop Chairman The Most Rev Dr P C Singh has at present 14 institutions under his leadership.

These Institutions are as follows

                                       Name of the Institution                                                  No of staff
1              Christ Church Boys’ Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur               145
2              Christ  Church Girls’ Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur              130

3              Bardsley English Medium School, Katni                                             91
4              Bardsley Girls Higher Sec School, Katni                                              44
5              Christ Church School For Boys & Girls, ISC, Jabalpur                       95
6              Christ Church Jabalpur Diocesan High School, Jabalpur                 54
7              Bardsley English Medium School, Jalasur, Katni                               17
8              Mission English High School, Seoni                                                     82
9              Satpula Primary School, Jabalpur                                                          7
10           Satpula Girls Higher Sec School, Jabalpur                                          19
11           Christ Church Boys Hostel, Jabalpur                                                     22
12           Christ Church Girls Hostel, Jabalpur                                                        7
13           Christ Church Co Ed School Saliwada, Jabalpur                                  31
14           Christ Church Girls School Unit II, Vijay Nagar, Jabalpur                   16

These institutions are being governed by the Board under the Chairmanship of The Most Rev Dr P C Singh.

The Following Schools are affiliated to the Central Board Of Education (CBSE)

 Name of the Institution

Christ Church Boys’ Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur
Christ  Church Girls’ Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur
Bardsley English Medium School Katni

The Following Schools are affiliated to the MP Board Of Education

Name of the Institution
Bardsley Girls Higher Sec School Katni

Mission English High School Seoni
Satpula Primary School Jabalpur
Satpula Girls Higher Sec School Jabalpur

The Following Schools are affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination.

Name of the Institution
Christ Church School For Boys & Girls, ISC, Jabalpur

Christ Church Jabalpur Diocesan High School Jabalpur

The following new schools are yet in the process of affiliation to the CBSE and the procedure is in progress.

Name of the Institution
Bardsley English Medium School Jalasur Katni
Christ Church Co Ed School Saliwada, Jabalpur
Christ Church Girls School Unit II, Vijay Nagar, Jabalpur
Board of Secondary Education and Teachers Training MPCNI

The institutions under Jabalpur Diocese:-
Damoh Area :-

1.            Mission High School, Damoh                       -               Principal, Mrs. Rubina Daniel
2.            Mission Middle School, Damoh                  -              Head Master, Mr. Ajay Masih
3.            Mission Primary School, Damoh                 -              Head Master, Mr. Ajay Masih

Seoni Area
1.            Mission Girls’ High School, Seoni               -              Principal, Mrs. S. Kumar

The following are our hostels

Name of the Institution
Christ Church Boys Hostel Jabalpur
Christ Church Girls Hostel Jabalpur

Achievements and Success
It is a matter of great joy that 6 new schools were established since the time our Bishop Chairman Most Rev Dr P. C. Singh was elected as the Bishop of Jabalpur Diocese in 2004. The below mentioned schools were added to the list of institutions of our diocese, which is under the Board Of Education Church of North India Jabalpur Diocese.

           Name of the institution                                               Year  of establishment
Christ Church School For Boys & Girls, ISC, Jabalpur             2005

Christ Church Jabalpur Diocesan H School, Jabalpur             2011
Bardsley English Medium School Jalasur, Katni                      2016
St John English medium School , Seoni                                    2016
Christ Church Co-Ed School Saliwada, Jabalpur                      2017
Christ Church Girls Sr. Sec. School, Vijay Nagar, Jabalpur     2019

It is due to the efforts and vision of our Bishop Chairman and Moderator CNI Synod The Most Rev Dr P C Singh that these 6 schools have been established which has brought blessings to a good number of people not only from our community but also to people of other communities as well.

Through these institutions we are blessed to be spreading the message of joy, peace and happiness. Thus serving the society with the true motto of the Church Of North India “Unity, Witness and Service”.

Youth is one of the important organ of any Diocese. The Youth fellowship plays a major role in the programmes organised by the Diocese of Jabalpur. Under the  guidance of a visionary Bishop our Youth Fellowship members are always very energetic and enthusiasm to organise any program in the Diocese. Our Bishop being the former Youth Director of the Diocese of Jabalpur understands the likes and dislikes of the Young people and works with the youth all the times.

Barkat – Ki – Baarish : CNI  YOUTH FEST 2018

A joint programme of CNI Synod, SYFC, and the Diocese of Jabalpur was held in Christ Church Boys  School from the 17th of October to the 20th of October, 2018 in which more than 500 young people from all the Diocese of Church of North India participated. It was a national level programme in which practically all the Diocese of CNI participated.

The Diocese of Jabalpur, CNI celebrates its Youth Month in the month of September. Programmes, Prayer Meetings, Biblical Competitions, Retreat, Seminars, Bible Quiz, Sports and also other youth activities based on the theme is organized in different pastorates of the Diocese to celebrate the Youth Month with great enthusiasm.

The Month long celebration is celebrated ecumenically where around 350 young people from different denominations and churches participates, the Most Rev. Dr. P. C. Singh, Moderator CNI Synod and Bishop Diocese of always encourage and guide the youth and express his happiness to see the active participation of the DYFC and urge the youth to become strong pillars of the Church and the Diocese and he also mentions that the youth is the present and the future of the church.

IDC (Inter Diocesan Cricket) is an opportunity to gather the young people of the different Dioceses of the Church of North India to play, to meet each other, to worship God and to have fellowship. Every year in the month of May the Diocesan Youth Fellowship Committee of the Diocese of Jabalpur, CNI; invites 8 Girls and 12 Boys from each Diocese to participate in the IDC.

The matches played between the Dioceses are for fellowship and for the Glory of God.

1.            JABALPUR:- The youth of the Diocese came forward to serve as volunteers for the smooth conduct of the Prayer Festival from 27th to 29th October 2019 at Christ Church Boys and Girls School, it was indeed a history in its making to mark the mile stone in the Diocese of Jabalpur, our visionary Moderator and Bishop Dr. P. C. Singh made it possible to witness Gods presence and a blessed time with Br. Paul Dinakaran and Sister Evangeline.

2.            DARINGBADI:- The Diocesan Youth Choir participated in the Jesus Calls Prayers Meeting in Daringbade, Orrisa from 10th to 12th November 2018, the Choir Team was led by the Choir Director Mr. Saurabh Pandit.

The Diocesan Youth fellowship is very active and are ever ready to organize any programme in the Diosese.They have a melodious Choir which helps in Praise and worship for all Diocesan programme.

Women fellowship plays a very important role in any Diocese . The dedication which they have and the commitment which they have is tremendous. They are always ready for any help in the Church. The First lady of the Synod and Diocese Mrs. Nora Singh is instrumental in organizing several programmes for the Women Fellowship members.

Objectives and Programmes of the women’s council:-
1. To bring more women under the banner ship of the women’s council.
2. To prepare future leaders and to inspire and motivate women where the women’s fellowship is not active.
3. We organize a one day retreat in Mandla (Maharajpur) where we focused on important issue like women’s power/ empowerment.
4. The Christian Women’s Fellowship has been celebrating and performing world Prayer Day and Christian Family Life.

5.  Chain prayer day on  Ash Wednesday every year.


Vikas Asha Kendra Diocese of Jabalpur, CNI

Vikas Asha Kendra started on the 2nd August 1978 by Bishop F.C Jonathan under the Directorship of Mrs. K. F Jonathan in the Diocese guest room with only 2 children. The First teacher was Miss Lazarus who was also handicapped because she had only one eye. She worked here about 7 Years, and at present we are having 61 children who are physically and mentally challenged.

There are 19 dumb children, 30 blind children, 13 who are mentally and poor and needy and require training.

At Present we have 9 teachers and 3 Non- Teaching and 3 Peon in Vikas Asha Kendra. We have all together 9 trained teachers who teach in different Trades.

Vikas Asha Kendra commences with morning devotion at 9:00AM and the school concludes at 4:00 PM. Classes from 1-12are conducted in the institute and it has been registered with the Government of Madhya Pradesh (registration no.5842/09/6/3/10)

 Aims of Vikas Asha Kendra

             To inspire self-confidence and hope in the handicapped and the needy.
             To provide working skills to be handicapped
             To enable them to be self-reliance and to earn their living.
             To evolve ways and means for the acceptability of these physically & mentally challenged children by the society and to appreciate their usefulness.
             To create awareness in the society of their responsibility towards these children.

Entertainment- Our children take part in all National programmes organized by different societies

Cultural Activities-

The Children take part in all cultural activities, national festivals and Christmas Programmes and they take part with great enthusiasm.

Craft Work-
Children are given training of various kinds of crafts, making of stuffed toys, embroidery, stitching of sari fall, duster making, weaving, knitting, tailoring, typing and we also made Pickle, variety of items prepared by specialist like blouse, gown ,salwar suite, frock and school dress.

Annual Fete-
Vikas Asha Kendra organizes its annual fete, where large number of students and parents throng the ground because everyone has realized that this fete is held annually for a needy cause so as to bring light into the lives of the less fortunate.

The Vikas Asha Kendra is progressing day by day with the help of Diocesan Institutes, Diocesan staff and the Vikas Asha Kendra staff, who take full interest in these poor and needy children.

Shishu Sangopan Grih is functioning in the city of Jabalpur since the last 25 years.

This institution is completely run by Diocese of Jabalpur. Children of working guardians are admitted in this institution and are looked after well. They are given all facilities and love and affection like their homes. They are given elementary education and they are made aware of unity, co- operation, love and reconciliation

ALL WE CAN ( Foreign Partners )
 The Diocese of Jabalpur has signed a MOU with ALL WE CAN organization in the month of October 2018. This organization is from the Methodist Church of Britain.  This organization will have lots of exchange programme for Pastors, Teachers Women and Youth, through this exchange programme our Diocese will be enriched more.

Mrs. N Abraham is appointed as the project Consultant and an office for ALL WE Can has been opened in front of the Vikas Asha Kendra Hall.

The ALL WE CAN project was initiated and the first programme was conducted on the 27th of January 2019 where all the head of the institutions, local Pastors , WFCS members and Youth members along with Sunday School teachers were present.

An organizational Development – Training Programme for almost 50 members was held in Bandhavgarh National Park from the 12-15 June , 2019 .This was one of the rarest occasion in which all the participants of the programme had the privilege of viewing the Tigers.


From the very beginning of the formation of the Diocese Miss Naomi E. Blalock our first full time Treasurer, began well with a realistic approach to self reliance in its finance. Continuous Stewardship promotional programmes have been carried on even as early as 1972 and 1973. A well planned Stewardship programme was introduced in the whole of Diocese in 1977 in which 24 Pastorates conducted the Stewardship campaigns in their respective Pastorates.

The first Workshop in the Church of North India on Pastorate Financial Administration was conducted in our Diocese from August 27- 29, 1979 at Jabalpur. In all 78 participants from 35 Pastorates which included Treasurers, Presbyters and other lay leaders of the Diocese attended the. Workshop. Mr. J. M. Das, Honorary Treasurer of CNI, Mr. Amal Kumar De, the CNI Finance Secretary and Mr. I. K. Das Gupta, the senior auditor of M/s. ;’Ray and Ray, Chartered Accountants and Auditors of the Church of North India formed the team of experts who taught accounting and accountability to those responsible for up keeping of books of the Church. It has greatly benefitted the Diocese.

The Diocese has a Central Fund. The Pastorates comprising of four traditions have come a long way. All the Pastorates contribute to the Central Fund from where the finance is distributed for the on–going mission of the Church. We have unified scales of salaries for the presbyters.

A great felt need was fulfilled when the Diocesan, Executive Committee adopted the Service Rules for the Presbyters. The Service Rules helps the presbyters to act more responsibly thus the Pastorates and the Diocese are benefitted.

 In these past few years, our Diocese has made a considerable increase in the church assessment and we have made a financial progress due to the vision and the commitment of our  Bishop Most Rev Dr P.C .Singh. Along with the stewardship workshop which is organized in our Diocese every year, he has also initiated the Teachers Seminar for all the CNI staff working in the CNI institution which has really motivated the teacher of the School to give their tithe. Two such seminars were conducted in 2017 and 2018 so that the teacher may be encouraged to give more tithe .

The program undertaken for stewardship of resources were allocated in different zones and we have 5 workshops in different region every year. A Diocesan Level stewardship programme is organized every year under the guidance and presence of our Bishop . Because of all these workshops and seminars the church assessment is growing day by day and we are able to host and organize  many programmes in our Diocese. Though we are not fully self sufficient but in the days to come we are sure that our diocese will be a self sustained organization .

A continuous Christian education has been provided on all levels for Children, Youth, Lay members and the Clergy. Regular training courses and workshops are arranged every year to train leaders who teach in Sunday Schools and for those who conduct VBS classes, youth rallies on regional and diocesan levels are held. children's camps are arranged in different regions. Seminars for laity, retreats for Presbyters, Conventions for the Youth, Conference for Women's group and joint meetings of laity and clergy have been called from time to time with one aim and purpose--to learn and then to share and express the Christian faith in Leadership—Leadership Training Seminars have been held to train the laity to become better Church men women in the world. Many clergy and laity have been sent to participate in training programmes outside the Diocese.  We have send  almost 10 Pastors to Pastors Training programme Batala. The Diocese is proud to claim that it has provided 6 Bishops to the Church of North India in Bishop I. P. Andrews, Bishop Gurbachan Singh, Bishop F. C. Jonathan Bishop Sunil Cak, Bishop P. C Singh and Bishop Robert Ali. We have also given leadership at the Synodical level in the person of Rev. Daniel Francis, Joint Director for Religious Education and Mrs. C. N. Bagh, Stewardship Director and Mr Suresh Jacob ( Stewardship Director and member of different committee. )

Our Diocese has given the leadership of one of the most dynamic Moderator of the CNI Synod The Most Rev P.C Singh who is also the Bishop of Jabalpur Diocese . His ecumenical skill has helped the Church of North India to have a good Partnership with other organization.

Ten of our Pastors attend the 12 days’ advance training programme on mission evangelism at The Satyaniketan School of Theology, Batala ,Punjab every year to enrich and help them to understand the mission field more effectively



 St Paul’s Church Ghamapur CNI ,Jabalpur celebrated 100 year of its faithful journey on 28th of April  2017.The Chief guest for this occasion was the Rt Rev  P .B. Paul Dupare  the then Bishop of the Nagpur Diocese and the Guest of Honour was the  Rt  Rev  Dr P.C. Singh the Deputy Moderator of the CNI Synod

It is matter of great joy that the Christ Church Cathedral one of the oldest Anglican Churches under the Diocese of Jabalpur is celebrating 175 years of its Glorious existence. We had a grand closing function on the 3rd of April where we had a Thanksgiving service in the Cathedral where our Moderator Most Rev Dr P. C. Singh was the chief Guest and the Guest of honour was our General Secretary Mr. Alwan Masih.

The ground breaking ceremony of New Branch of the Christ Church Girls’ Senior Secondary  School ,Vijay Nagar ,Jabalpur was  held on 3rd of April 2019, to mark the 175 years of the existence of Christ Church Cathedral.

St Paul’s Church Ghamapur CNI ,Jabalpur celebrated 100 year of its faithful journey on 28th of April  2017.The Chief guest for this occasion was the Rt Rev  P .B. Paul Dupare  the then Bishop of the Nagpur Diocese and the Guest of Honour was the  Rt  Rev  Dr P.C. Singh the Deputy Moderator of the CNI Synod.

Bardsley English medium School opened a new branch in Lakhapateri, Jalasaur, Katni
Christ Church Boys’ Senior Secondary School opened a new branch in Saliwada,Jabalpur.
St John English Medium School , Seoni.
Christ Church Girls’ Senior Secondary School opened a new branch in Vijay Nagar,Jabalpur.
The Christ Church Girls’ and the Christ Church Boys’ School in Jabalpur had their Sesquicentennial Celebration i.e. 150 year of the existence in 2020.


As most of the Diocese have their own logo a need was felt that Jabalpur Diocese should also have their own logo and with much difficulty a Logo was designed with the help of Mr Malcolm Tully and Rev Bruce Thangadurai which was released by the Moderator Most Rev Dr P. C Singh on 1st May 2020.

The 9th National Sunday School Teachers training Certificate Course of All India Sunday School Association ( AISSA) was held in Christ Church Boys Hostel on the 9th & 10th of June ,2017. The Teachers training Certificate Course was attended by 97 graduates . I am also happy to inform that in this programme our Bishop was elected as the President of the AISSA.

As most of you know that every month the Pastors have the Prayer day in any one of the Churches and pray for the Diocese of Jabalpur.

In 2016 the Bishop organized a Pastors retreat in Darjeeling in the month of September . All the Pastors under the Diocese of Jabalpur attended this Retreat.

The Diocese of Jabalpur under the guidance and the able leadership of our Bishop The Most Rev. Dr. P. C. Singh were taken to the Himachal Pradesh, Palampur ,Dharamshala on 6th and 7th of June 2017 for the Pastor’s Retreat.

When the state of Kerala was affected by flood it was decided to have a three days excursion cum exchange programme between the Pastors of Jabalpur Diocese and the Pastors of the Kerala Diocese. We were privileged that with the help of Rev Dr Ipe Joseph we were able to see the flood affected area of Kerala. Met the Metropolitan of the Mar Thoma Church and had Lunch with the clergy of the Diocese. It was a great time for all of us as we came to know about their projects and their style of working.

The National Council of Churches in India held its XXVIII Quadrennial Assembly in Jabalpur more than 400 delegates all over the country and World attended the assembly in which our Bishop was elected as the President of NCCI. It was a great experience for all of us as we were able to hoist such an event in which so many National heads were present.

Jesus Calls prayer festival was held from the 27th October to 29th October 2017 in our Schools and the Church Campus .More than 60 to 70 thousand people from all over the country attended the prayer festival. Dr Paul Dhinakaran & Sis Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran were the Speakers. A great anointing , outpour of the Holy Spirit and revival was seen among the people who attended this Prayer Festival.

We are so happy that from the last 4 years we are able to have a proper documentation of all the programme held in the Diocese of Jabalpur. Under the dedicated Communication Director  Rev Dr Ipe Joseph and by the support of  Mr. Malcolm Tully and Mr. Nikhil Lal we were able to publish the Diocesan Quarterly news letter which is not only circulated in  local CNI churches but also nationally through CSI , Mar Thoma Church and some of the Christian agencies.

One of the historical event in the history of the Diocese of Jabalpur which cannot be forgotten for a long period of time is the visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury His Grace the Most Rev & Right Honourable Justin Welby and his wife Mrs.  Caroline Welby .It is a historical event as it this was first time in the Diocese of Jabalpur that the head of Anglican Church visited our Diocese.

His Grace the Most Rev & Right Honourable Justin Webby dedicated the newly constructed Christ Church Co-ed School Saliwada and also inaugurated  the Sesquicentennial Celebration i.e. 150 year of the existence of the Christ Church Girls’ and the Christ Church Boys’ School in Jabalpur.

As CNI is a United and uniting church we also as the members of the Jabalpur Diocese want to unite new believers by opening more churches in the jurisdiction of the Jabalpur Diocese.  Some of its future projects / plans are as follows: -

1.            Establishment of a new Church building and construction of a new English Medium School in Manpur, Bandhavgarh.
2.            Establishment of compassion House in Bargi, Jabalpur.
3.            Reconstruction of Churches in rural areas.
4.            Starting of a new Hospital in Jabalpur Diocese
5.            Opening of a college in Jabalpur
6.            Dream of the Moderator is that every church should strive to open a school to take care of the teaching and preaching ministries.

This fifty years journey has been long and full of challenges. Lots of events and programmes were organized. Let us as a Diocese of Jabalpur work and strive together for a better tomorrow. Let us envisage greater involvement, participation and co-operation from the members of the Diocese and may the Diocese grow in Service towards our fellow being , in Unity among ourselves  and  in Witness to the community at large  as we enter into another milestone in the life of the Diocese.

Let the journey of Jabalpur Diocese be an inspiration to other Diocese and may the Jabalpur Diocese remain “ A DIOCESE WITH A DIFFERENCE


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